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Exitium Crossfit

Eastside Austin Elite MMA and Exitium CrossFit has much pride in being a CrossFit-compliant facility. Our trainers are all certified CrossFit instructors and we strive to be the leading force in the Austin CrossFit community.

Mixed Martial Arts

Eastside Austin Elite MMA and Exitium CrossFit’s extensive offering of MMA practices includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling and Submission Wrestling.


Eastside Austin Elite MMA and Exitium CrossFit presents a very unique offering of Therapeutics and Recovery focused yoga. We emphasis a progressive and comprehensive approach to our yoga practice.

Personal Training

Looking for a more personalized experience? Eastside Austin Elite MMA and Exitium CrossFit’s personal training services allow you to work closely with a dedicated trainer to achieve your health and fitness goals.

What our members say.

  • "I trained at Elite 5-6 times a week before leaving for my fight tour. Justin is supportive, but isn't afraid to hold me to higher standards and pushed me to perform to the best of my abilities." Watch Tim's Video Testimonial

    Tim Kennedy
  • "I'm a runner by trade but decided to give kickboxing a whirl. Now I'm (jab.cross) HOOKED! Patient, incredibly knowledgable teachers. Challenging atmosphere yet class is a blast. Great location and finally, an affordable kickboxing class! Thanks for providing Austin with this killer gym!" Watch Anne's Video Testimonial

    Anne Mueller
  • "Amazing gym, amazing coaches, amazing people. Come give it a try! I participated in the most recent Get Fit Challenge they hosted and I was impressed by the training and instruction I received. I'd recommend Elite to anyone and everyone."
    Watch Nick's Testimonial of the Get Fit Challenge

    Nick Mazzanti

Austin Elite Trainers

  • top Austin Grappling instructor

    Tony Imada

    Lead Striking Instructor

    Toby Imada is the lead striking and MMA instructor at Eastside Austin Elite. He is an American mixed martial artist of Japanese...

    top Austin Grappling instructor

    Derrick Garza

    Lead Grappling Instructor

    Derrick Garza is the lead grappling instructor at Eastside Austin Fitness. He has been involved with martial arts since....

    top Austin CrossFit instructor

    Neal Cantin

    Lead Crossfit Instructor

    Neal Cantin has been in Cross fit since 2009 and has been coaching others since 2011. He is a veteran or the United States...

    top Austin yoga instructor

    Elizabeth Lee

    Lead Yoga Instructor

    lizabeth Lee is the Yoga and Qigong instructor at Eastside Austin Elite. The style of Yoga she focuses on at our gym is...

  • top Austin yoga instructor

    Brianna Larson

    Crossfit Instructor

    Brianna was born and raised in Texas and is currently completing her undergraduate degree at Texas State University...

    top Austin judo instructor

    Justin McCready

    Crossfit Instructor

    Justin McCready is the Eastside Austin Elite Judo instructor. Justin is a black belt in judo under Dr. Stan Seidner, and a brown...

    top Austin Sambo instructor

    Richard Crenwelge

    Sambo Instructor

    Richard Crenwelge is the Eastside Austin Elite Russian Sambo instructor. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning ...

    top Austin CrossFit instructor

    Justin Lakin

    Crossfit Instructor

    Justin Lakin is a trainer at Eastside Austin Elite for Exitium CrossFit. He has his certification as a personal trainer through the National...

  • Austin CrossFit instructor

    Justin Kerr

    Crossfit Instructor

    Justin Kerr is born and raised in Austin, TX and has successfully passed and completed the CF-L1 Course. His future goals...

    Austin CrossFit instructor paramedic

    Vince Barbosa

    Crossfit Instructor

    Vince Barbosa is an Eastside Austin Elite Crossfit instructor. He is a Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer and a nationally registered Paramedic...

    Austin CrossFit instructor paramedic

    Erling LaSalle

    CrossFit Instructor

    Erling Lasalle enjoyed mountain bike racing in TMBRA or NRC/Pedal mashers team (Texas Mountain Biking Racing Association)...

    Austin striking instructor

    Jason Webster

    Striking Instructor

    Jason Webster has taught the Thai martial arts (Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong) for over 20 years and has consistently trained fighters...

  • Austin kickboxing instructor

    Dax Britton

    Kickboxing Instructor

    Dax Britton has been practicing MMA since 2009 at multiple gyms on the West Coast. While in California, he was trained in...

    Austin kickboxing instructor

    Brian Bell

    Kickboxing Instructor

    Bryan Bell was born in South Texas and introduced to the sport of fighting by his family. His uncle claimed a few boxing titles...

    Austin kickboxing instructor

    Juan Gandara

    Kickboxing Instructor

    Juan Gandara is currently a undergraduate at the University of Texas as well as an amateur MMA fighter. He hopes to improve his...

    Austin CrossFit instructor

    Aaron Esparza

    CrossFit Instructor

    Aaron Esparza was born and raised and raised in El Paso, TX. All throughout high school he played football and ran track....

  • Austin CrossFit instructor


    CrossFit Instructor

    Sean is Marine Corps veteran, Infantry Machine Gunner by trade but was also a Martial Arts Instructor. He is currently...