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CrossFit Performance FAQs

Q: How much will this program cost?  ..

CrossFit Performance!

Eastside Austin Elite is please to announce our new CrossFit Performance Program.  This new program is result of feedback from our members and the growing maturity of our CrossFit efforts as a whole. ..

January Tips and Tricks

A couple of reminders... ..

Transformation Challenge

Let us begin by taking the official stance that we hate New Years resolutions. You might as well be making a list of things that you are going to forget about by January 20th.  ..

{Elite 10}

Introducing {The Elite 10}  ..

A Chat With the Good Doctor

Throughout the walls of the gym, Dr. Aaron's name is often whispered in reverence. Responsible for the somewhat miraculous rehab of countless members and coaches, Dr. Aaron Williams has become an integral part of the EAE family. We decided to have a little chat with him, ask him about Airrosti, his favorite Austin burger, and get to know the man behind the curtain a little better...  ..

Introducing In-House Quarterly Competitions!

Eastside Austin Elite will now be hosting in house competitions to test your respective disciplines 3 times per year.  ..

Paleo Challenge!

It's April and you know what that means: It's almost swim suit season in Texas.  ..

EAE Pub run: The most fun you'll ever have

Next Friday, on March 27th EAE will be hosting a pub run. Now before you get your panties in a bunch and tell me all the excuses about why you can't do it, I'm going to tell you why you can.  ..

March 25th: Free Injury Assessments!

Has an old sports injury been nagging you? ..