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We want to help you get fit, stay injury free, and have fun working out!

3 month package is $118 per month @ 3 times per week classes.
Made for all beginners of CrossFit to start learning and understanding
the power of CrossFit.

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Our Beginners CrossFit program is perfect for those who either have never tried CrossFit before, or you have tried CrossFit but feel unfamiliar with the movements. We understand that jumping into a regular CrossFit class can be intimidating, and so that is why we have created the Beginners CF program.

This is a 3x per week program, that will be held in a smaller class setting, to give you the attention that you need, to get the results that you want.

This class will focus on the Functional movements of CrossFit that are also used in sports and daily activities: Running, Jumping, Squatting, Lunging, Pushing, and Pulling. We will also incorporate some of the more intimidating movements such as the Snatch and Clean, but we will be breaking it down into drills that will help you feel more confident and secure in the movements. As you learn these movements and become more familiar we will add intensity for a great workout that will boost your metabolism, help you build strength, and reach your overall fitness/athletic goals.

All-Level CrossFit
Our regular CrossFit classes are All-Levels so it is a great place for people of most CrossFit skill levels to jump in.


Beginner CrossFit
If you are new to CrossFit we recommend starting with a
Beginners CrossFit class to get the fundamentals down.


Performance Crossfit
Been doing CrossFit for some time and want to take it to the next
level? Performance CrossFit
is for you!


Olympic Lifting
Wanting to learn more about the fundamental lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk? Check out our Olympic Lifting classes.