Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Eastside Austin Elite

Kids MMA Program
Our Kids MMA programs emphasize respect, integrity, self-confidence, discipline, and work ethic all while developing a sense of family.


Kickboxing/Muay Thai Program
We have several options for every level in our Kickboxing Classes
including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and sparring.


Our Boxing program utilizes techniques and training methods used by Professional and Amateur fighters and is a superior workout.


We teach to individuals, not just the group, to help them adapt for age, weight and fitness. Try our GI and No GI Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu classes.


We teach the modern martial art and Olympic sport of Judo with a competitive element which is to take or throw an opponent down.


Kickboxing at Eastside Austin Elite

We have a variety of kickboxing classes depending on your current level. All the way from beginners kickboxing to sparring we have options for everyone! Choose the class that is right for you and come in for a fun, high energy workout that you won’t forget.

Beginners Kickboxing:

Ready to try something new to get yourself into shape? Kickboxing is a fun and high energy way to get a great full body cardio workout. Typically, classes consist of a group warm up, striking drills on a heavy bag, pad work with a partner, and finishing off with a group cool down. All of these accompanied by high energy music!

We recommend that first timers attend "Beginner" classes to familiarize themselves with the basics, establishing your stance, learning the different strikes, and pad holding.

Equipment Required: Boxing Gloves

Intermediate Kickboxing:

"Intermediate" levels classes will consist of slightly more complex combinations as well as pad holding with the same great high energy, fun environment.

Each day of the week will have a particular work out theme where emphasis will be placed on sprint's, counter attacks, legs, core, endurance, and full body workout.

Be sure to be comfortable with stance and pad holding before coming in for an intermediate class.

Equipment Required: Boxing gloves, shin pads

Advanced Kickboxing:

"Advanced" level classes will consist of longer as well as more challenging combinations paired with high energy music.

More counters will be involved in order to help prepare you to make the step up to sparring.

Each day of the week will have a particular work out theme that we can guarantee will give you both a great cardio and strength workout.

Equipment Required: Boxing gloves, shin pads

Beginners Sparring:

Want to take the next step in your kickboxing training? Use the techniques you learned in kickboxing to go one-on-one with a partner.

In this class you will learn the basics of how to block and respond to a kick or punch from an opponent.

Kickboxing experience required so make sure to be comfortable with our Beginners Kickboxing classes before taking the step up to Sparring.

Equipment Required: Shin pads, mouth guard, boxing gloves

Kickboxing Sparring:

Been going to Beginners Sparring for a while and want to take the next step? This class involves more advanced sparring techniques to help you prepare to be a kickboxing fighter.

Be sure to be comfortable with how to block and respond to your opponent’s kicks and punches as you go head-to-head with a partner.

Equipment Required: Shin pads, mouth guard, boxing gloves