Mixed Martial Arts

Eastside Austin Elite

Kids MMA Program
Our Kids MMA programs emphasize respect, integrity, self-confidence, discipline, and work ethic all while developing a sense of family.


Kickboxing/Muay Thai Program
We have several options for every level in our Kickboxing Classes
including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and sparring.


Our Boxing program utilizes techniques and training methods used by Professional and Amateur fighters and is a superior workout.


We teach to individuals, not just the group, to help them adapt for age, weight and fitness. Try our GI and No GI Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu classes.


We teach the modern martial art and Olympic sport of Judo with a competitive element which is to take or throw an opponent down.


MMA at Eastside Austin Elite

MMA | Eastside Austin Elite MMA and CrossFit Gym In Austin, TX. Ever thought about being a professional fighter? Our MMA training classes include all other disciplines taught at EAE as a full contact combat style that includes kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All of these will be done at intermediate and advanced levels, with the eventual goal of competing in an MMA fight.

Each class focuses on a different set of MMA skills and, most importantly, the transitions between them. You can expect to learn to move seamlessly from clinch work to striking, grappling, and submissions. We recommend our MMA classes for students who are familiar with each of the fighting styles we offer at EAE.

Each day during the week a different skill will be worked on to ensure that your MMA practice is well rounded.

This includes:

Wrestling & Takedowns: Applying and drilling various techniques in controlling, setting up and bringing down opponents. Mouthpiece recommended.

Striking & Stand up Fighting: Emphasis is placed in offense and defensive techniques practiced with a partner. Protective gear required: 16oz gloves, hand-wraps, shin pads & mouthpiece. Head gear optional.

Striking with Takedowns: This is a fast paced class in which you will learn how to bring down your opponent while sparring. Protective gear required: 8oz MMA sparring gloves & mouth piece.

Grappling: Work on perfecting your grappling techniques in our competition no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. Protective gear recommended: mouthpiece.

Consistency is encouraged and plays a crucial part in your progress.