Performance CrossFit

Eastside Austin Elite

All-Level CrossFit
Our regular CrossFit classes are All-Levels so it is a great place for people of most CrossFit skill levels to jump in.


Beginner CrossFit
If you are new to CrossFit we recommend starting with a
Beginners CrossFit class to get the fundamentals down.


Performance Crossfit
Been doing CrossFit for some time and want to take it to the next
level? Performance CrossFit
is for you!


Olympic Lifting
Wanting to learn more about the fundamental lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk? Check out our Olympic Lifting classes.


Performance CrossFit Austin

Our CrossFit Performance classes are perfect for individuals who are looking to take the next step in their fitness training. Whether you just desire to be challenged more or you have a specific goal to be competitive at local, regional, national, or international levels of competition, these classes will help you to reach your CrossFit and fitness goals.

Because CrossFit Competitions regularly employ complex/high-skill movements in volume or with heavy loads, athletes must demonstrate proficiency with several movements prior to being allowed to participate in the program.

In addition to securing the pre-requisite skills and/or fitness levels demanded by the program, participants make a commitment to themselves and their teammates to be consistent in their pursuit of improved movement and work capacity.

In order to help you to grow as an athlete and gain the skills involved with competitive CrossFit, the class size for each session is limited. Join the team if you’re interested in competing in local CrossFit events or are committed to qualifying for regionals and/or the CrossFit Games.

The program has three cycles annually in order to offer peak performance for the CrossFit Open in March.