Reserving Your Spot In Class

Eastside Austin Elite

To ensure our clients safety, we can only allow 18 people in a class at a time.

Here are the rules about reserving, so that you can guarantee yourself a spot in class:

1. Reservation for CF and KB opens up exactly 1 week in advance and closes off 1 hour before the class starts.

2. We only allow 10 people to reserve their spot in class, once those spots are filled, the reservation is cut off. You can still come to class as we will have 8 “Walk-in” spots available, but it is on a first come – first serve basis, so show up 10 – 15 mins early.

3. If you have a reservation, you must still show up by the start time of the class. As soon as it is 1 minute past the class time, we will give your spot to a walk-in as you are officially a “no-show” for the class. (i.e. if the class starts at 5:30am and there is a walk-in waiting for a spot, we will give him/her your spot once the time is 5:31am)

4. If you have 3 or more “no-shows” your ability to reserve online will be revoked for 1 month. This just means that you will have to be a walk-in for the next month. (you can redeem points to have this access granted back to you)

To ensure that your reservation abilities do not get revoked, make sure to cancel your reservation online the day before, or call in to the front desk and ask them to take you out of the class. (This can only be done before the class starts)